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Are OFF-GRID solar power good for Sri Lanka


with current electricity prices “OFF-GRID-SOLAR-ELECTRICITY-SYSTEMS” are more suitable to sri lanka. OFF-GRID Solar power systems are used to generate electricity from sun light and stay independent from the main electricity Grid. This is ideal when you want to stay away from Electricity power cuts, and other fees and taxes. A correctly installed OFF-GRID Solar electricity system in sri lanka, will produce electricity for 5 -10 years with minimal maintenance.

OFF-GRID Solar Power System Sri Lanka – Things to Consider

  • OFF-GRID Solar power generation gives the best output at daytime – when the the sunlight is at its peak.
  • If your Power usage is high at night then you will have to invest in LiFePo4 Batteries.
  • Rainy Seasons in Sri Lanka will reduce the power generation via PV panels. This has to be considered and keeping the utility main electricity connected can be helpful.
  • To be totally independent of the Main Grid, you will have to build a big battery bank to hold power for 2-3 days of normal usage

Benefits of using an “OFF-GRID Solar Power system” are greater when considering the current situation in sri lanka

  • Not everyone gets the approval for “ON-GRID solar Power systems”
  • Sri Lanka gets Direct Sun light and this energy can be utilized if you have enough area on your roof to lay solar panels.
  • Power cuts can occur due to power generation plant maintenance – power generation plant breakdowns – lack of rain to produce hydro power – and so on
  • Electricity Price has Gone up more than 300% compared to last year, and this can be reduced to “0” with “OFF-GRID”
  • You help save the environment by producing your own electricity, thus reducing Co2 emissions from Coal and Fuel Electricity Generation.
  • Solar Panels will stop Heat from reaching house or office.

Planning for the Perfect OFF-GRID System

Read our article on how to select the inverter for your house.(link) In this Article you are making a list of home appliances and there power usage to choose an inverter. You must also consider your future purchases / upgrades to your electric equipment and electricity consumption. For any house a “5kW High-PV Inverter” is recommended as it will give the best options to you. you can buy inverters from us here (link)


“OFF-GRID Solar power systems” want batteries for few reasons.

  • power up the inverter and keep the inverter running
  • store generated power for backup
  • Use as a backup to power the house/office when it is cloudy or at night

You can read our well explained article on Battery types and comparison of their Features.(link) As Explained Gel – Deep cycle batteries are cheaper and will provide backup for normal loads. If you want to stay “off-grid” and use your electric appliances normally, then you must invest in LiFePo4 Battery systems.

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