Net Metering – Net Accounting – Net Plus


The Best Solution for Sri Lanka is ON-GRID Solar Power Generation. This method allows you to upload / share the electricity generated by your Solar Power Generation system and get credits from your Electricity Supplier (CEB / LECO) and in return Use their Power day and Night. This On-GRID Method has advantages and disadvantages. you can read about them here

You must be aware that there are 3 options available when you apply for an ONGRID connection from your electricity supplier (CEB/LECO)

Net Metering

Net metering allows solar energy producers (Prosumers) to receive credits for excess electricity they supply to the grid, which can be used to offset future energy bills, but no direct payment is provided for surplus energy. Any excess energy generated by a solar PV system is stored as credits for up to ten years, and if the energy consumed exceeds the energy produced, the electricity bill is calculated based on the net energy imported during the billing period.

Net Metering Agreement pdf can be found here

Net Accounting

The Net Accounting Scheme enables prosumers to sell excess electricity generated by their solar PV systems to the grid, with payment determined by mutually agreed upon Feed-in Tariffs set by the Cabinet, and the connection setup mirrors that of net metering.

Net Plus

“This payment model involves receiving compensation for all electricity generated by solar panels installed on the property, with separate meters installed to track energy import and export, and reimbursement from the utility provider based on agreed Cabinet-approved payment methods.”

You can watch the video below for more info on On-grid systems.

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